After Sales Services

We are committed to provide our clients with best product along with the after sales services to maintain a life-long association with our valued customers.

  • Spare parts & accessories.
  • Overhauls, modifications and conversions.
  • Inspection and repair.
  • Training and development.
  • Technical support and trouble-shooting.

Support is available 24 x 7 by email at

Instrumentation & Automation Services

Atam Dogra

Manpower and Technical Support

Phone: +91 9318974411

Sanjeet Jassal

Manpower and Technical Support

Phone: 9357603289

Manoj Chandel

Software and Technical Support

Phone: 9569502689

Mechanical Services

Rajesh Rai

Team Leader Projects

Phone: 9316010701

Rajni Dhawan

Leader Client Coordination

Phone: 9356066222