Automated Cogeneration Condensing System

Introduction of cogeneration has encouraged Sugar Industry to reduce their process steam consumption by employing innovative equipment and technology. Using this technology, we are able to use available enthalpy and temperature of vapours for condensation and evaporation. This concept aims to increase plant capacity utilization, lowering cost of condensation & evaporation, enhancing power generation potential and reduction of heat losses.

Distinct Features:
  • Effective use of waste vapors.
  • Use of low temperature and low pressure vapors.
  • Low energy and water requirements.
  • Outstanding overall heat transfer coefficient values.
  • Low temperature differences across heating surface.
Design & Process Advantages:
  • Higher Heating Surface Density..
  • Higher Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient.
  • Expansion Option.
  • Hydro-Static Head Effect.
  • Fully Automatic Process Control.
  • Light weight due to Compact Design.
  • Minimum vapor piping and pumping.
  • Easy to maintenance.
Evaporation Rate:

As the energy cost is increasing we can justify the use of Automated Cogeneration Two Phase Condensing System. It is able to provide highest rate of condensation for same conditions among all available technologies.

Steam Pressure:

The availability of steam at a medium pressure permits the efficient use of multi-effect systems. Automated Cogeneration Two Phase Condensing System can be applied across three or four effects. This is the simplest and least costly technique for enhancing condensing efficiency.