Boiling / Process House

SED expertise in delivering innovative, cost effective, energy efficient (in terms of steam as well as power) and automated integrated solutions for Sugar Process House is unparalleled.

We design, engineer, manufacture and supply all the necessary equipments for the Energy Efficient Boiling / Process House along with supervision of erection & commissioning.


To Set up Modern and an Energy Efficient Sugar Plant operating below 22% Steam Consumption on Cane, to produce Raw / White / Refined Sugar as per the Indian / ICUMSA Standard Sugar norms.

  • Process / Boiling house redesigning and engineering.
  • Compact plant layout.
  • Incorporation of optimally designed energy efficient process equipments.
  • Waste heat recovery.
  • Advanced Automation / Instrumentation of the process plant.
  • Economical and simple technology with high level of productivity.
  • ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified technology.
Eight Steps For Energy Efficiency

Latest technology is proposed to be incorporated to achieve highest recovery, best sugar quality and lowest steam consumption.

1. Direct Contact Heaters for
  • Juice Heating
  • Syrup Heating
  • Molasses Conditioning with NCG
  • Filtrate Heating
  • Melt Heating
2. Multi Effect Evaporators
  • Tabular Falling Film Evaporator
  • Plate Falling Film Evaporator
3. Condensate Flashing system

Flash Cigar®

  • Heat recovery from exhaust condensate using Plate Type Heat Exchanger (PHE) before sending to boiler feed water tank.
  • Flash heat recovery from the hot condensates of evaporators, vacuum pans and juice heaters to reduce the demand of exhaust steam.
  • Provision for syrup flashing in ‘Flash Cigar’®
4. Vertical Continuous Pan

Spray Continuous Pan (SCP®) for all types of massecuites (Raw, Refined, A, B and C) boiling.

5. Mechanical Circulator

Compact design and mechanically sealed circulators for Batch Pans providing increased productivity (15 - 30%) and lower boiling temperature.

6. Super Heated Wash Water system

Flash Condensate heated with heat of exhaust condensate in PHE is used as wash water in centrifugals thus eliminating use of 7 bar pressure steam and resulting in considerable steam saving.

7. SED Melter

Specially designed Melter operable with water and/or syrup. Full process control for optimum brix output of syrup using Micro-wave Technology.

8. Radiators for

Sugar Drying

An efficient radiator for heating air using surplus hot condensate at about 81˚ C is used for sugar drying


Radiators for heating primary and secondary air to boiler. These are easy to clean and have outstripped the old radiators.

Result Achieved (with Preformance Guarantee)

The implementation of SED’s 8-step solution for energy efficiency ensures steam consumption of the sugar plant at 24-25% on cane and sugar quality as per the standard sugar norms.