Spray Engineering Devices - Carousel Diffuser
Carousel Diffuser
(Cane / Beet / Bagasse Diffuser)
Milling is now an age old concept and the popularity of diffusion technology is well known. Diffusion is a much better process than milling for extraction of juice from prepared cane in place of milling tandem to reduce power consumption & loss of sugar in bagasse, in fact in current scenario it is a requirement of Sugar Industry.

CAROUSEL DIFFUSER® - Rotary Diffuser - Innovative design & best performance:

Viewing the expensive competitive market of diffusers, SED with its persistent efforts has evolved with an altogether new Carousel design with less initial, operating & maintenance cost supplementing it with the effect of steam & power economy. SED make CAROUSEL DIFFUSER® is a trialed and commissioned vertical rotary type cane / beet / bagasse diffuser which has overcome all the problems faced by horizontal diffusers. It is consistently achieving outstanding
Carousel Diffuser
results compared to milling as well as conventional diffusers to extract sucrose.

It is an exclusive design with major technology modifications in conventional horizontal design / rectangular chain type diffusers. This concept can be easily retrofitted to existing diffusers due to the following facts:

SPACE AREA REQUIREMENT Very compact. This equipment requires only a circle of 18-20 meter diameter for its installation including all accessories. It is very long & requires the plot area approx. 80 meter long x 8 meter wide for its installation including all accessories. Self supporting vertical structure with less floor space requirement.
FLEXIBILITY TO INCREASE THE CAPACITY The salient feature of this design is the add on capacity provision by adding the vertical deck. In short for increasing the plant crushing capacity, the identical vertical deck module can be retrofitted in existing model without discarding any of the components of existing diffuser. Capacity addition feature is practically ruled out in horizontal design. Entire cane bed is moved over chain which is of fixed size. Therefore during the plant expansion there is no choice except to discard the present model & re-installation of the new diffuser as per the expanded capacity or to go for one more diffuser for differential expanded capacity. Both are very costly propositions & difficult to choose. Huge investment done in past can be saved with vertical design during the plant expansion.
  • Its compact size, unique design and rotary friction (in comparision to sliding friction in horizontal diffusers) requires less power to rotate.
  • Specially designed (Patent Pending) drive system which makes it more reliable and energy efficient.
Due to its big size & lots of moving/ rotating components and sliding friction due to movement of chains on railings, system requires more power to drive the moving chain assembly. Less power consumption in vertical design.
COST CAROUSEL DIFFUSER® is less expensive due to lesser construction material (steel) requirement because of no heavy gear drives or chains, sprockets, shafts and bearings. In rectangular diffusers heavy head shafts, tail shafts, sprockets, chains and gearbox are the main cost hiking factors. Less initial investment (~ 24% of horizontal Diffusers).
MAINTENANCE Only one major moving part i.e. the inner shell. So minimal repair or maintenance with longer life of the diffuser. Heavy replacement cost due to more moving parts. Moving parts are chain assembly & gears. The chain life is 3 to 4 years and having a replacement cost of INR 30 Million (Approx.) Recurring and Running cost is very less.
EXTRACTION EFFICIENCY Uniform juice level can be maintained throughout the length of travel which improves the extraction & enhances the osmosis & diffusion process. Horizontal installation is always slanting & a regular backward slope is maintained. Improves the extraction efficiency.
SCREEN AREA UTILIZATION Full juice screen area utilization is there. In many conventional designs the cane or bagasse bed forms on a horizontal slow-moving screen and the moving screen diffuser requires double the screen area, as half the screen is inoperative on the return strand. Full screen area utilization.



Looking in to the varying operating conditions of various plants the innovative registered design offers the flexibility of operation.........

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