Customized Solutions

With SED you will be able to evaluate the entire energy system of your existing plant efficiently with turn key expansions & further stream lining your energy consumption in the process analyzing that

Is your plant operating optimal?

At SED, a free technical consultation is not a high pressure sales pitch. It is the TECHNOLOGY up gradation and DISCUSSION which is necessary, where we assess what your needs are and decide the best way to go from there.

If you are in search for one stop solution provider to check

Are your systems growing with your business?

Is there anything you can do to update older systems to make them more efficient with today's workload?

Is there any new technology that would make the process more proficient?

What's the potential of your plant which is not being harnessed?

Is the process efficient for prospective cogeneration you want from it over the next seasons?

What about pay back period?

We will design a customized solution for you:

The assessment involves a visit by one of our experienced project analysis engineers who goes over the vulnerabilities you may face and do a plant survey to extract information related to:

  • The existing system & its capacity.
  • Any known problems or quantity of energy being wasted or not used efficiently.
  • Analyzing waste heat study of existing equipment & pipe network and energy balance of the entire system.
  • Whether the energy is being used efficiently to prevent any kind of wastage.
  • Potential areas of recovering energy considering the potential areas and the technology approach for the same.

Performance Check is carried out on the basis of extracted information to ensure that whether you are getting the kind of performance you'd expected from your systems or not. Then a best customized solution is drafted for you as per your requirement.