Equipment Design

Equipment Design and Engineering with advanced technology, precision tools, and complex mechanical design expertise, our team of engineers provide a complete range of mechanical design services to test, analyze, improve and simplify the most complicated process machinery & equipments. Our unique products / equipments represent quality, efficiency & reliability in the global market. Our Equipment Design & Engineering section forms the core of our detailed engineering involving a range of activities in the product development from concept to detailed design to production drawings like:

  • Product design and detailed engineering.
  • Product market research and marketing analysis.
  • Understanding customer needs, and translating those needs into winning product concepts that have realistic technical specifications.
The engineering tools currently being used by our mechanical design group include softwares / systems for:
  • Complete layout design & detailed drawings of equipments along with BOM;
  • Detailed modeling & design of equipments & Piping layout of equipments / process sections of plants;
  • Analysis of flow of fluids through components for design optimization;
  • Mechanical Analysis / Structural Design of components & optimization of components by analyzing Strain Energy Distribution, Stress & Deflection;
  • Generate load & velocity curves for checking shock loading of rotary components;
  • Design of supporting structure of equipments as per Structure Codes like IS-800;
  • Diagrammatic representation of Complete Boiling Process House.

For range of designed equipments please see the ‘Products’ section of this website.