Evaporative Condenser

Highly energy efficient alternative and cost effective solution of existing Cooling & Condensing System which completely eliminates the following massive infrastructure from Sugar Factory premises:

  • Spray Pond / Cooling Tower.
  • Injection & Spray Pumps.
  • Condensers.
  • Injection Water Header & Piping.
  • Substantial quantity structural steel which supports above infrastructure.
  • No requirement of construction of Pond, Basin, Channels etc.


  • Substantial power savings.
  • Capable to create very high vacuum which will helps in accommodating more effects and consequently reduces steam consumption.
  • High vacuum benefits the process as follows:
  • Reducing unknown losses.
  • Reducing color development.
  • Increases recovery % cane.
  • Improving Quality.
  • Lowering Scaling of Heating Surfaces.
  • Very Compact Design & smaller footprint area required.
  • Modular & easy to expand.
  • Drastically reduces & simple electrical distribution, cable network, panels etc.