Low Temperature Evaporator Module (LTEM®)

LTEM® is an energy efficient technology by which has capability for utilization of exhaust steam and low grade vapours, typically in the rage of 0.05 to 0.25 bar absolute pressure, from turbines, pans, evaporators and similar devices.


  • Utilization of Waste Vapor from Pan, Evaporator & Exhaust of Condensing Power Turbine.
  • Addition of 2/3 effects evaporation between Pans, Evaporators, Power Turbines & their Condensers.
  • Reduces the Front End Pressure (Exhaust Steam) & Steam Consumption.
  • Reduces the heat load of Cooling & Condensing System.
  • Enhances the power production / efficiency of power turbines due to lowering the exhaust steam pressure.
  • Reduces the power consumption at Cooling & Condensing System by lowering injection water requirement & heat load of condenser.
  • Reduction of pressure & temperature of process steam, automatically helps the process by:
  • Reducing unknown losses.
  • Color development.
  • Enhancing recovery % cane.
  • Improving Quality.
  • Lowering Scaling of Heating Surfaces.
  • Compact design and light equipment.
  • Requires smaller footprint.
  • Easy to transport & erect.
  • Modular & expandable design.
  • Fully automated.
  • No mechanical cleaning requirement.