Spray Engineering Devices - Low Temperature Evaporator Module (LTEM)
Low Temperature Evaporator Module
Introduction of cogeneration has encouraged Sugar Industry to reduce their process steam consumption by employing innovative equipment and technology. The evaporators use 2 to 2.5 bar pressure steam in four to five effects. A concept of novel process employing low pressure vapours from pan and evaporators in multiple effects plate falling film evaporator. Using this technology, we are able to use available enthalpy and temperature of vapours for evaporation before letting it go to condensing and cooling systems. By eliminating evaporation process above 100 degree C, this concept aims to increase plant capacity utilization, lowering cost of evaporation, enhancing power generation potential. Low temperature evaporator module has potential to reduce scaling, inversion, colour formation and heat losses.


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The distinct advantages of Low Temperature Evaporator Module (LTEM™) are given below:

  • Improves final product quality due to low exhaust pressure at evaporator station.
  • Increase plant capacity utilization.
  • Increase imbibition water.
  • Increase power generation from turbine.
  • Reduce steam use in juice heating.
  • Reduce process sugar losses.
  • Reduce steam and juice flash heat losses.
  • Minimize colour in juices.
  • Reduce entrainment losses in pans.
  • Reduce inversion at high temperature.
  • Reduce power losses in turbine.
  • Reduce complicated bleeding schemes.
  • Low operating cost due to very low wetting rate i.e. in the range of 3-5 L/h-cm.

Using this technology the following equipment that gets eliminated from the existing process are Exhaust/ Vapour Condensate Heat Recovery, Insulation of Evaporator and Heaters, Semi-Kestners, Falling Film and Vapour Cells, Entire Juice Heater, Chain driven by Steam and Condensate Flashing above 100°C.

Low Temperature Evaporator Module

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The salient features of Low Temperature Evaporator Module (LTEM™):
  • Low Retention Time Features: Low Temperature Evaporators offer the low residence time which help assure a high product quality.........

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