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Molasses Conditioner
The massecuite (sugar crystals + mother liquor) is fed to the centrifugals to separate the molasses from the sugar crystals. The molasses coming out from the centrifugal machines will be at low temperature and contains some crystals. The crystals have to be dissolved and the temperature has to be increased to a minimum of 75°C before it is fed to the Pans for boiling.

SED has designed innovative & efficient direct contact molasses conditioners ensuring perfect dissolution of crystals without addition of water and by using heat content of NCG / low pressure vapours and achieved major savings in steam and power in sugar plants.


Trouble free operation:
  • No stirrer required thus no troubles associated with using mechanical stirring system like motor alignment, tripping of motor, lubrication etc., which is a big problem with traditional molasses conditioners.
  • No flooding.
  • Can handle fluctuating vapour pressures.

  • Compact inbuilt static mixer with no mechanical agitation.
  • Corrugated shell with strong structured deflectors.
  • Light weight Stainless Steel construction.
  • 0-1°C approach temperature.
  • Variable applications (vacuum or pressure).

Least dilution of molasses:
  • No water addition but only low pressure vapours required for conditioning.

High heat transfer:
  • Efficient direct contact with vigorous mixing.

Automated control:
  • Monitoring of process parameters with full automation.
  • Default switchover to manual mode.

Steam economy:
  • Utilizes heat content of NCG / low temperature vapours.
  • Reduces the exhaust steam consumption by 1% on cane.

Power economy:
  • No / Low pumping power requirements.

Other notable features:
  • Flexible installation; on pan floor or at centrifugal station.
  • No cleaning required.

Molasses Conditioner

Molasses Conditioner