SED had invented various technologies and patented for Low Temperature Evaporation without using steam, cooling water resulting in the complete substitution of Fossil & Non-Fossil Fuel Boiler, Condenser & Cooling Tower units. Low Temperature Evaporation operates even at 10 deg. C onwards by recycling of vapour enthalpy. The Company had installed ‘First Operating Demo Plant’ at Ludhiana on ‘Dying House Waste Water effluent’ which is Black in Colour with TDS 10,000 ppm. Adopting our patented technology, the Dying House is getting a Crystal Clear, Clean Water with TDS 20ppm. Clean water is recycled back to their dying process and in-turn has improved the quality of dying.

With such innovation, recycling process to get clean water is achieved in a closed loop, resulting no heat loss and minimum extraction of water from earth (for make-up) as well as zero discharge of waste water to water bodies/earth.

water recylce

Black Water (TDS=10,000 ppm)

water recylce

Clean Water (TDS=20ppm)

In this evaporation technology with a small foot print, the design delivers the best evaporation capacity compared to other conventional processes. The main advantage of our technology is on lowest operating cost with maximum water recovery that is recycled back to the process. This product is highly reliable, robust and very easy to control which operates automatically. The user friendly operating conditions make this technology an ideal application for wide scale industrial applications as well as domestic.

water recylce

water recylce
  • Almost no use of chemicals
  • Electrical power consumption lower than any alternative technology
  • Recovery of energy in the form of Bio-Gas
  • Recovery of nutrients in the form of Bio-Fertilizer
  • 100% recovery of water of highest quality
  • Decentralized water recycling solution
  • Closed, compact and environment friendly
  • Suitable for integration with district cooling, heating and recovery of deficit water to make zero fresh water intake
  • Municipal and Industrial Waste Water to Clean Water Recovery for Reuse
  • Various Chemical Industries for Evaporation, Crystallization, and Purification
  • Sea Water Desalination & Brine Concentration
  • Concentration of Juice, Milk & Beverages
  • Dehydration of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Concentration & Drying in Pharmaceutical Industries