Spray Pond / Cooling Station

SED designed Spray Pond System is an innovative application of modern materials, designs and architecture to a century old concept. It is totally made from lightweight but rugged material. The increased efficiency is achieved by improving and redesigning Spray Pond Nozzles working very efficiently with variable quantity of water and changing weather conditions. Our latest design of Spray Pond with "Zero Depth Design" is the most efficient design beating all the conventional Spray Pond designs. SED spraying system is most economical and efficient method of cooling injection water utilizing naturally available wind energy and draft created by water.

Distinctive Features and Advantages:
Low Civil Cost

“Zero depth” pillar-less design and use of almost plastic material in the system reduces the civil cost incurred in digging the pond as well as in building the pillars to support branch pipes and common header almost by half.

High Durability and Long Life

Use of stainless steel for fabricating common header and stabilized thermoplastics for piping & nozzles.

Highest Temperature Drop

Hydro-dynamically designed spray nozzles uniformly spray droplets in all directions. Their shining smooth volute surface reduces the frictional losses and water droplets are projected at much higher velocity to produce finest spray droplets, thus the excellent temperature drop of 10° to 25°C is achieved.

Low Head Spraying System

The design of the spraying system that includes suction, delivery lines of pumps and piping network, supports low head pumping to achieve effective spray along with maximum temperature drop. The pumping head is reduced to10 meters from 15-26 meters (in conventional system).

Variable Spraying Capacity

Provision for automatic control system of the Spray Pond enables maximum available head at nozzles even with reduced flow of water due to variable plant load. It also adjusts nozzles in operation to spray total available quantity of water by covering entire area of the Spray Pond to achieve maximum temperature drop and maximum pump efficiency with variable flow rates.

Comparison of Power Consumption - SED Spray Pond System vis-à-vis Conventional Spray Pond & Cooling Tower.

Low Drift Losses

Spray Nozzles produce even sized droplets, which can easily be cooled and collected within the pond even during the windy conditions.

Least Choking

Water straining system to remove foreign matter like leaves, pebbles, baggase chunks, etc. is provided which protects Spray Nozzles from choking.

Easy to Maintain

Modular design of spraying system ensures easy dismantling during cleaning and general maintenance. Zero Depth System for all new spray pond installations makes all parts of the Spray Pond easily approachable even during the operation.

Various Process Sensing Units

(Pressure/Vacuum & Temperature Transmitters) are deployed in the system to sense any variation in the Vacuum, Tailpipe Temperature, Inlet-Water pressure and Vapour Temperature.