Corporate Social Responsibilities

SED recognize that our business activities have direct and indirect impact on the societies in which we operate. We endeavor to manage these in a responsible manner, believing that sound performance in relation to the CSR is a fundamental part of business success.

"Strengthening the relationship of business with society & making a meaningful change in the community in which we operate, through educational & health initiatives" has always been the guiding forces of the CSR initiatives by us.

We firmly believe that CSR is the way to conduct business that strikes a healthy balance of economic, environmental & social imperatives while at the same time addressing stakeholder expectations.

Our strong commitment to the nation building is best reflected in our continuing efforts. We are making to bring perceivable improvement in the quality of life of our workforce, their families as well as of the local community & society at large.

Many of our welfare projects and programs are driven by active participation of the respective teams of our employees at each location across the country, under the guidance of the CSR Corporate Team.

Environmental Responsibility

Recognizing our responsibility towards minimizing impacts on the environment, we are actively engaged in developing clean & green technologies benefiting the society and environment by maintaining the ecological balance.

We are focused on providing 'integrated energy efficient' solutions by patronizing the use of those technologies that reduce energy consumption & committed to better environment through the adoption of Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM).

All our Production Units strictly adhere to the eco-friendly norms achieving international standards in pollution control & other parameters ensuring pollution free environment.

SED is encouraged to go beyond the compliance with all the regulations in protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, restoring ecological biodiversity, assessing & analyzing product life-cycle, saving energy & costs.

Our "Clean & Green" campaign has been conceived to honour our life-time commitment towards protecting & conserving environment. SEDlites have undertaken massive tree plantation drive, planting of saplings to increase the green cover & pledging to promote environmental sustainability.

We wish to be recognized by all stakeholders including clients, employees, vendors, farmers, share owners and community at large, as a company committed to high standards of environmental stewardship and providing our employees, consultants and workers with a safest and healthiest environment at the workplace.

We are committed to promote sustainable development through environmentally benign technologies that use renewable energy resources. We continuously strive to upgrade our technologies, use eco-friendly practices & deploy contemporary sustainable processes & operations.

Social responsibility

SED has always stood apart from its competitors being a corporate identity sticking to its corporate image and taking care of all the needs of society as well. Our commitment towards social responsibility is explicit & visible in every initiative taken by us. With the goal of fostering a positive relationship with the local communities, we are engaged in variety of activities to address the needs of local community & society at large.

A number of focused initiatives have been implemented to bring about general health awareness. Health care initiatives, health camps, educational lectures and counsell sessions are regularly being held to promote general health and well being of the society. The health perils in the community are numerous and in order to treat some of the minor ailments, few of our members have been identified and are being trained to treat the causalities.

SED partners with local orphanages and senior citizen homes scheduling regular visits to them & providing them with financial assistance and eateries. We aim to take immediate action to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to the victims of the natural disasters like that of floods by organizing relief drives & raising money for them. Caring SEDlites have donated generously towards this noble cause.

In India, every two second, someone needs blood. To meet the ever increasing demand of blood, we have organized a number of successful blood donation camps at all our locations. Our employees have voluntarily donated several units of blood ensuring the safety of many precious lives.

Organizing educational programs for the sub-staff has also been one of the major concerns at SED in which they are taught self-discipline, mannerisms, interpersonal communication skills, health & hygiene in order to mould their overall personality.

Our employees take time out to volunteer & act as a driving force behind the CSR. We salute the persistent endeavors & courageous efforts made by our volunteers to bring the long term benefits & satisfaction to the community as providing funds alone will not help the society.

We take "CSR" as the commitment to improve community well-being through discretionary business practices & contribution of business resources hence paving a path for the smooth transition towards a more sustainable society.