Condensate Flashing System (Flash Cigar®)

(Multi-chambered Energy Efficient Condensate Flash Vessel)

Flashing vessels are generally installed to recover the flash heat from the various condensate streams.

SED's Innovative Redesigning of the Flash Vessel

Unlike the conventional flash vessel, we have optimized the design of flash vessel making it highly energy efficient. Flash Cigar® is a uniquely designed horizontal flash vessel comprising of different flash chambers recovering heat from various condensate streams where all the chambers operate at different set of pressure conditions.

Distinctive Features of Flash Cigar® :

Exclusive design features:

  • Horizontal Multi-chambered Flash Vessel.
  • Sparged tube entry for optimum condensate diffusion.
  • Efficient separation of vapours and liquid condensate.
  • Condensate transfer to next chamber without control valve by 'U' Siphon.
  • Hinge type manholes for easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Pressure / Temperature monitoring along with re-circulated condensate flow control.
  • Light and sight glass provision.

Centralized condensate management system:

  • Centralized condensate removal system using single condensate pump to transfer the final condensate to various consumers and storage vessels.

Trouble free operation:

  • No hammering.
  • No back pressure.
  • No air leakage in the vacuum system.
  • No condensate loss.

Energy economy:

  • Eliminates condensate pumps, sealing tanks & piping promoting power economy.
  • Steam economy due to maximum flash vapor generation reducing steam consumption.

Other notable features:

  • Exhaust condensate heat recovery without any contamination.
  • Improves the water management of the plant by reducing the final condensate temperature to level required for different processes.

Target Industries where applicable:

All process industries using evaporator sets or using different pressure vapours e.g.

  • Sugar Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals