Industrial / Plant Automation

Our instrumentation and automation wing providing its professional services to the process & sugar industries is fully responsible for maintaining maximum efficiency of the equipments to increase the competent performance of the system by taking care of the process fluctuations & monitoring field parameters.

Our assets:

  • Team of expert professionals in all disciplines like R&D, Software development, Project Engineering and Execution.
  • Fully equipped instrumentation testing laboratory to confirm & provide utmost precision & accuracy of its Equipments & Systems.
  • Pioneered technology for fully auto cooling & condensing system, Low Temperature Evaporator Module (LTEM), Evaporative Condenser, Spray Electrical Dehydrator, Circulators, Evaporators and Spray Continuous Pan (SCP®). The Automation is based on SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) control.
  • In-house development / manufacture of the instruments like Solenoid Valves, Temperature transmitters, Pressure Transmitters.

Software Development:

We develop the application according to the specified hardware platform. We do exploration of software platform for maximum utilization of its features and maximum application reliability. Continuous upgradation in application is carried out according to observational reports of process operation.

Automation solutions are provided on the basis of the following:

  • PLC Based System.
  • HMI and SCADA based operating System.
  • PC Based Automation Systems.
  • Distributed Control System.

Automation and Project Engineering:

We are providing the following services under this section:

  • Detailed Automation Project Engineering.
  • Automation project planning and execution.
  • Design and supply of electrical & automation systems with variable speed AC/DC drives, PLC systems, HMI, SCADA and DCS systems.
  • Instrument selection, procurement, testing & inspection of automation system.
  • Maintenance services and contracts for automation equipments.