Low Temperature Evaporator

Spray Engineering Devices Limited (SED) has developed Low Temperatures Evaporator for 100% high quality clean water recovery and recycling in single step in closed loop from any type of waste water using low temperature evaporation technology based on mechanical vapour compression/recompression system providing eco-friendly solution. This system is operating on compressed vapour without use of external heat source i.e. boiler, turbine, cooling water etc. thus eliminating use of heat generation unit (Fossil & Non-Fossil Fuel Boiler) and heat rejection unit (Condenser and Cooling Tower).

Mechanical vapour compression/recompression is employed for compression of vapour to recycle steam required for evaporation at very low temperature under vacuum which offers wide range & precise control of heating steam temperature according to process requirement.

This low temperature evaporator is running successfully and performing excellently in many plants for various applications across the globe. The recovered clear water is recycled back to the process and there is no need of pre and post treatment of the water.

Schematic Diagram


  • No external heat source
  • No heat rejection unit
  • No chemical treatment
  • No RO/No membrane
  • No ground water extraction
  • 100% clean water recovery and recycling
  • Minimal electric power demand
  • Evaporation at low ΔT

  • Single step solution in closed loop
  • Lowest foot-print area
  • High quality product
  • Automated operation
  • Low capital cost
  • Minimum operational and maintenance cost
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wide applicability