Molasses Conditioner

SED has designed innovative & efficient direct contact molasses conditioners ensuring perfect dissolution of crystals without addition of water and by using heat content of NCG / low pressure vapours and achieved major savings in steam and power in sugar plants.


Trouble free operation:
  • No stirrer required thus no troubles associated with using mechanical stirring system like motor alignment, tripping of motor, lubrication etc., which is a big problem with traditional molasses conditioners.
  • No flooding.
  • Can handle fluctuating vapour pressures.

  • Compact inbuilt static mixer with no mechanical agitation.
  • Corrugated shell with strong structured deflectors.
  • Light weight Stainless Steel construction.
  • 0-1°C approach temperature.
  • Variable applications (vacuum or pressure).

Least dilution of molasses:
  • No water addition but only low pressure vapours required for conditioning.

High heat transfer:
  • Efficient direct contact with vigorous mixing.

Automated control:
  • Monitoring of process parameters with full automation.
  • Default switchover to manual mode.

Steam economy:
  • Utilizes heat content of NCG (otherwise going waste).
  • Reduces the exhaust steam consumption by 1% on cane.

Power economy:
  • No / Low pumping power requirements.

Other notable features:
  • Flexible installation; on pan floor or at centrifugal station.
  • No cleaning required.