For sustainability of the jaggery unit, jaggery production technique needs a radical change in order to increase yield/recovery and fuel saving to sustain in the future. Traditional jaggery production process involves open pan boiling consuming very high heat energy, losing major portion of sugar in bagasse and end up with no bagasse saving.

Spray Engineering Devices Limited (SED) has developed a Low Temperature Evaporator based on mechanical vapour compression/recompression system for jaggery production with minimum electric energy consumption in a closed cycle without Boiler, by adopting indigenously established modern manufacturing process with energy efficient equipment, innovative system for extraction, clarification, evaporation and concentration techniques, which increases jaggery yield/recovery and ensure 100% fuel/bagasse saving.

The commercial availability and acceptability of boiler-free jaggery production technology becomes need of the hour for a sustainable technological development with assured profitability for jaggery production units.

Juice Extraction

  • Four milling tandem and each mill consisting three roller with planetary drives, TUFR and hydraulic power pack system
  • Bath imbibition for extraction of complete sugar from bagasse
  • Juice screening through continuous DSM & Vibro Screens

Juice Clarification

  • Primary heating by Heat Recovery Plate Heat Exchanger followed by defecation and final heating through Direct Contact Heater
  • Clarifier controlled from DCS 


  • Continuous process
  • Minimum color occlusion
  • Minimum processing time
  • Lower sucrose inversion loss
  • Energy saving
  • Reduction in the cost of jaggery production
  • Standardization of product


  • Low Temperature Evaporation Technology based on mechnical vapour compression/recompression system
  • Evaporation at very low steam temperature & pressure differences
  • Converted very low brix (solid %) into syrup of very high brix 


  • Further concentration in Low Temperature Evaporator and conversion into semi-solids jaggery under required temperature by using MVR based technology


  • Dried the semi-solid jaggery of 88-90 Brix (% solid) into 94-95 Brix using jaggery pugmill under controlled vacuum through DCS and natural cooled air in the molds.

Final Product Handling and Packaging

  • Poured into molds for making solid jaggery.
  • Packed into sealed proof packing to avoid moisture entrapped.
  • After cooling, weighed and bagged in 5/10/20Kg bags/cartoons/boxes.

Plant Automation & Operation Through DCS

The jaggery plant,right after feeding of cane into cane carrier is run through state of the art automation specially designed for jaggery plant after a long experimentations and fine-tuned operation with a live project.The process material is introduced right from raw juice stage to jaggery stage, making it a product of highest quality and free of contamination by external environment & highly hygienic.


  • Boiler free jaggery unit
  • Zero emissions due to boiler free process
  • Zero intake water
  • 100% bagasse saving
  • Improved clarification technique
  • Modern evaporation by MVR technology
  • High yield jaggery production
  • Free of contamination by external environment
  • Highly hygienic
  • Energy efficient modernized and cost effective jaggery unit
  • Low capital expenditure & highly economical in recurring operational cost
  • Compact, portable, plug & play type
  • Offers scope for multiple revenue centers