Cooling & Condensing System

SED is a leader in Cooling and Condensing Systems with more than 6000 installations of Multi-Jet Multi-Spray Condensers & designing more than 450 Spray Ponds all across the world.

With R&D being the core, SED uses best combination of Designs, Material, Manufacturing Technology and Automation Systems to engineer most efficient Spray Cooling System and Direct Contact Condensing cum Vacuum System.
SED Multi-Jet Multi-Spray Condenser is designed to reduce energy and water consumption of the condensing / vacuum system to minimize electrical power expenditure.
Our latest design of Spray Pond with "Zero Depth Design" is the most efficient design beating all the conventional spray pond designs.
We design and construct both Manual & Automated Cooling & Condensing Systems.

Application Notes:

SED Cooling & Condensing Systems have achieved considerable power savings with their application in the Sugar Industry. Approximate power saving achieved in a standard 2500 TCD white sugar plant is shown in the chart below: